Welcome! We are so excited that you're interesting in volunteering with TEDxCharlotte 2017 event.
All vVolunteer applications close on September 1, 2017 and selected volunteers are notified by September 15, 2017
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Twitter Handle

Our Social Media Team is amazing.  They love to give personal shout-outs to our volunteers and spotlight you on social media.  If you have a Twitter Handle, please let us know and we can share it.  If not, just leave blank.
Have you attended a TEDxCharlotte I have attended a TED or TEDx conference in the past? *

Now to getting to know you...
We take this portion of the application very seriously. The bulk of our decision will be based on these answers.  So, please take the time to answer the questions thoughtfully, with enough detail to help us understand who you are.

Unless otherwise noted, please keep your replies to 100 words or less per response but be sure to give us context. Help us understand who you are.

How did you hear about TEDxCharlotte? *

What achievements are you most proud of? *

What are you passionate about? *

Why would you like to volunteer with TEDxCharlotte? *

Now let's talk about your availability...

We understand that things change and it is possible that we don't have a date for any of these events when you fill this out.  Don't worry. You will have a chance to reconfirm your availability before we finalize the volunteer list.
Are you interested in volunteering at the Launch Party?

We don't have a date yet. It is usually early summer. This is just to gauge interest. We will contact you when we have a date and details of the event, if we need volunteers.
Are you available to volunteer from 7:00am to 5:30pm on the day of the event?

This will include setup, working the event and tear down.  Because we have a limited number of volunteer spaces and many more applications than we can accommodate, we need volunteers that can commit to the entire day.

Are you available to volunteer at the After Party?

We don't have any details yet for the After Party. Until we nail down the details, we don't know what responsibilities we will need. Typicially, we have light setup duties.

This is just to gauge your interest.

Thank you for applying to volunteer for out 2017 event.  

To learn more about what volunteering with TEDxCharlotte looks like or to answer your questions, please go to our Volunteer FAQ page at www.tedxcharlotte.com/volunteer-faq.  

Trust us, if you have a questions, we've probably have the answer on there. 

Thanks again and we look forward to reading all your great applications and meeting you in the Fall! 

TEDxCharlotte Steering Committee

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